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Equip - Summer youth study


River City Church
301 Dexter Ave 36104 Montgomery United States
Scripture tell us that when the Bereans heard Paul's teaching they were very excited but that they went home and looked everything up on their own. People need to be engaging in looking up, interpreting, and applying scripture to their own lives. But we can't do this if we don't know how. This Equip youth study we are doing will be geared around teaching the youth how to be able to do this on their own. In the 4 weeks we will look at;

- the trustworthiness of the Bible
- Translations, paraphrases, why we have so many, which ones are good and not so good, and how we use them
- eisegesis and exegesis
- The Wesleyan Quadrilateral
- Looking at scripture culturally, historically, and literally to lead us into application.

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