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The Joe Thomas Jr Guitar Pull June 21 - No. 52


Cloverdale Playhouse
960 Cloverdale Rd 36106 Montgomery United States
Celebrate our 52nd Pull Night on Tuesday, June 21! $10 at 7pm
The Line-Up:

Beck Shaw of Atlanta, Ga

Chip and V.K. Spencer of Marion Junction, Al.

Amber Stelly of Lafayette, La.

Weather permitting, we'll set up in the new Courtyard Stage!
Our Singer/Songwriter Series is a great night of original music and songwriters talking about how they craft their music and performing original works on the Playhouse’s intimate stage.
Read the full history of the Guitar Pull by Robert Bubba Hall here:
"There is an old show business saying that goes like this. “I don’t know what IT is but whatever IT is, that person has IT.” The phrase is used to describe an intangible quality making for greatness which is impossible to quantify.
That phenomenon is the essence of what happens the third Tuesday of every month at The Cloverdale Playhouse Theater in Montgomery. Yes, the performers, their music and their songs are outstanding but there is something much more to the experience one can only understand after being there.
Everyone who walks through the door, whether they are sitting in the audience, taking the pictures, selling the tickets, working the sound, tending the bar or performing, becomes part of an event where the sum total of all the parts adds up to something much larger than any individual part."
We hope you'll join us at this special evening.

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